PPPR to be presented at TAG Webinar on Thursday

Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) program lead Dean Barnett, Western Water and La Trobe University will be presenting the Pipe Probe Penetration Robot (PPPR) project at this Thursday’s TAG webinar at 11am AEST.

The PPPR is used for measuring corrosion and degradation within sewer mains far more reliably than conventional CCTV inspection. The extent of degradation within each pipe is measured via the amount of force the robot uses to probe it. This tool can minimize capital investment and service interruption by rehabilitating or replacing targeted sections of pipe.

This IWN project is designed to counter the problem of acidic hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) build up in concrete sewer mains, which softens concrete pipe walls and causes cracks and eventual collapse. The ability to accurately detect pipe deterioration early would minimise repair costs and service disruption.

Western Water partnered with La Trobe University in 2016 to develop and trial a Concrete Pipe Testing device. The technology comprises a small robotic tractor with a CCTV camera, which is lowered into an active sewer main via a manhole.

The tractor records footage and tests the density of the concrete (relative to new concrete) at regular intervals, for up to 150 metres in either direction of the manhole. This data is analysed to determine the remaining life of the sewer and which, if any, sections require immediate replacement.