IWN at OzWater: Day One

The Intelligent Water Networks was well represented at day one of OzWater ’19. Dean Barnett presented findings from the SAPP2R project in the morning, while David Bergmann facilitated a Data and Analytics workshop in the afternoon.

Barnett’s collaboration with Dr. Robert Ross has been one of the recent highlights for the IWN program as the robot drew interest from around the conference.

Bergmann is the research and development manager for South East Water as well as being the program lead for Data and Analytics.


The workshop was well attended with over 100 people dropping in to learn about opportunities for artificial intelligence in the water industry. It started off with presentations from IBM, Isle, Western Water and Veolia and progressed into an interactive workshop where participants matched solutions to problems.

Talking about the workshop, Bergmann commented: “The room was alive with discussions and ideas, and the outputs captured and will be circulated to participants and will be considered by IWN D&A Working Group.”