OzWater learnings from Dean Barnett

I can certainly understand how OzWater is Australia’s biggest international water conference and exhibition. OzWater ’19 lived up to all expectations and more.

For me it reminds me of what a collaborative industry we work in. We share learnings, technology and time with our industry peers, and that aligns perfectly with the work I do with the Intelligent Water Network (IWN) program.

On a personal note, I was privileged to be able share our IWN story on the development of SAPP2R - A Tactile Robot for Sampling Concrete Corrosion Depth in Sewer Access Points.

This presentation was not just an industry presentation on technology, but also relationships. Without our relationship with Dr Rob Ross from La Trobe University, who co-presented with me and his team from the Robotics Lab, we would not have been able to develop practical solutions for industry problems.