IWN at OzWater summary

The Intelligent Water Networks was represented at OzWater via a number of presentations and workshops.

One day one, Dean Barnett and Dr. Robert Ross presented findings from the SAPP2R project. This is a project that’s drawn significant attention from within the water industry and IWN are incredibly proud to be able to support it.

David Bergmann, program lead for Data and Analytics, followed this up in the afternoon with a workshop that was attended by over a 100 people. The group learned about opportunities for artificial intelligence in the water industry and included presentations from IBM, Isle, Western Water and Veolia.

Talking about the session, Bergmann commented: “The room was alive with discussions and ideas, and the outputs captured and will be circulated to participants and will be considered by IWN D&A Working Group.”

He then kicked off IWN’s involvement during day two with a presentation on the trials of data integration, visualisation and analysis tools. The presentation was based on the work IWN has done in supporting trials of Waternamics and OSIsoft PI at Western Water, Lower Murray Water and East Gippsland Water.

The third day included a presentation from John Day on opportunities for reduced electricity costs using renewable energy and optimised plant operations, while program director Brett Millington facilitated the program for Data and Smart Meters during the Engaging and Working with Customers stream.

Talking about the event and the benefits it has for IWN, Millington said: “OzWater 2019 was an amazing event, showcasing all that Melbourne has to offer. 

“IWN was inundated by interest in our spot on the Victorian Government’s Liveability Victoria International stand, giving us a great opportunity to showcase the projects we’ve been undertaking and the problems that we’ve been focused on. We also got the time to be introduced to some potential solutions for the Victorian Water industry to consider in the future.”