IWN to sponsor plenary session at WaterRA 2019

IWN will sponsor the plenary session of Water Research Australia’s NextWater event on the 13th of February.

The session, ‘Driving Impact through Collaboration’, fits in with the Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration program.

Program lead Michael Thomas has spearheaded IWN’s involvement with NextWater, which is WaterRA’s annual research and innovation conference.

The event is designed to address current industry challenges and investigate how research will lead the way forward. Incorporated into the event will be WaterRA’s 10-year anniversary gala dinner, which will celebrate improvements made in water industry in the fields of sustainability, safety and security.

Talking about NextWater and the organisation’s involvement in it, Thomas commented: “Knowledge sharing and collaboration is more crucial now than ever before. Information is being created and generated faster than ever and there is a risk that we can become overwhelmed. Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration is about continuous engagement with stakeholders to avoid the sense of being overwhelmed.

“It’s also about working outside our traditional boundaries, bringing in new ideas and concepts. NextWater presents an excellent opportunity for IWN to reach out and promote the good work of the Victorian water sector; it is unique in Australia in this regard.”