Energy Optimisation and Power name change

Energy and Carbon is the new name for the Intelligent Water Networks’ (IWN) Energy Optimisation and Power program.

This change has been implemented for a number of reasons and reflects a revised scope for the program, which now includes non-energy sources of carbon emissions.

Electricity usage is a dominant source of carbon emissions in the water industry and the program already has a strong focus on carbon emissions reduction as participants are actively working on both energy and carbon. Thus, the name change to include a focus on carbon is a natural progression.

The program has already ticked off a number of achievements which highlight the benefits of collaborative projects. These can be replicated to tackle carbon emissions and many participants are keen to explore collaborative opportunities for carbon offsetting, following a similar concept to the Large-Scale Renewables (LSR) project and potentially leveraging the water corporation’s special purpose vehicle, Zero Emissions Water Ltd (ZEW).

As well as this, Victoria’s state water plan (Water for Victoria), recognises climate change as a key issue for the sector and has set all Victorian water corporations on a path to net-zero emissions. This has added an extra, compelling, reason for the name change.