Meet the Program Lead: Steve Reddington from Energy and Power

Energy and Carbon, previously known as Energy Optimisation and Power, has gone down a novel route with its new Program Lead appointment: we’ve appointed two.

Steve Reddington is the second half of the power pair, who runs the program alongside Ben Spedding.

Read below as we learn more about the Melbourne native.

Can you give us a bit of your personal background?

I grew up in Melbourne and moved to Geelong 11 years ago when I joined Barwon Water. I’ve always had a strong connection to the area, spending every Christmas and many weekends at relative’s houses in Jan Juc, and enjoying the beauty of the Great Ocean Road and Otway Ranges. My wife and I have two boys, aged two and four.

And what is your professional background?

I studied Environmental Science (Environmental Management) at Deakin University and initially worked in the not-for-profit sector. Before coming to Barwon Water I worked in local government and gained significant experience in environmental planning and legislation, which has proven valuable in my water career.

What inspired you to want to become the program lead for Energy and Optimisation?

A key strength of the water sector is the level of sharing and collaboration on common challenges. After participating in the IWN Energy program since 2015 and having played a key role in the IWN Large-Scale Renewables Project, I’m looking forward to helping drive the next wave of energy and carbon initiatives across the Victorian water sector.

What project within the program interests you the most?

The next wave of projects will be developed soon. As we’ve seen with the IWN Large-Scale Renewables project, Victorian water corporations are in a unique position to collectively invest to deliver significant, cost-effective outcomes, so I think there’s more of that to come.


What are you hoping to get out of your new role?

Leading the IWN Energy and Carbon Program, together with Ben Spedding, will put my leadership and facilitation skills to work. However I’m more excited to gain a better understanding of challenges faced by other water corporations and how these might be solved.

And if anything, what do you want to give back to IWN?

Working in this space provides the opportunity to contribute to energy and carbon outcomes right across Victoria. My vision is that our children one-day look back with pride at the initiatives we deliver as individuals, as teams of employees, as water corporations, the IWN and others.