Getting to know Lucy Gaylard, IWN's new Program Assistant Director

Lucy Gaylard was recently appointed as Program Assistant Director for IWN, and in this little Q+A interview we get to know what she’s like on a personal and professional level.

Can you give us a bit of your personal background?

I was born and raised in Melbourne and am enjoying life here making the most of its music, food and art scene where I can. I’ve been lucky to do a bit of travelling around the world as well, always looking for a new adventure and experience to share. Although I am also trying to do more travel in Victoria, as it has lots to special places to explore. On the weekends I’ll usually be riding my bike to some hipster café, paying too much for breakfast or lunch, in the winter time I try and get to the MCG and (hopefully) watch the Cats have a win. I am passionate about urban sustainability and living consciously in a way that does not jeopardise the health of our ecosystems.    

And what is your professional background?

I studied environmental science and then Master of Environment with a semester spent in Copenhagen. South East Water took me in as a young and eager university graduate and I was very fortunate to work on some great projects in my three years at there. Highlights include working on the development and implementation of the Urban Water Strategy, leading South East Water’s Water Efficiency and Engagement Strategy as well as working in the new space of integrated water management and Traditional Owner engagement and knowledge.  

What inspired you to want to become the program assistant director?

I am a big fan of cross organisation collaboration in order to do or create something beyond the capabilities of working in organisational silos. So naturally I was drawn to the concept of IWN. I think it is a fantastic program that brings together some of the best thinkers and workers in the water sector, and I wanted to be part of this. My skills and experience working in strategy and projects at South East Water gave me the confidence to apply and I hope to help drive effective and efficient collaboration and project support to the IWN program.

What IWN program interests you the most?

I am interested in projects that seek to find solutions to the major challenges in the water industry, as I believe the bigger the problem, the greater the creativity and innovative thinking required to find a solution. So, with that in mind and my current understanding of the big problems in the industry, I am most interested the biosolids and resource recovery program, energy optimisation and power, and leak detection. But most of the programs sound interesting and I am eager to learn more about each of them. 

What are you hoping to get out of your new role?

I hope to expand my professional network across the water sector and build on my project and stakeholder management skills.   

And if anything, what do you want to give back to IWN?

I hope to ensure that the IWN program runs smoothly and effectively, and to provide the support necessary so it can deliver exceptional value to participating water corporations and their customers.