SEAMS trial announced

City West Water (CWW), South Gippsland Water and Western Water are to participate in an Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) pilot project that’ll assess the benefits of adopting an asset investment planning solution that employs data analytics.

Aims of the project include the ability to use existing data to perform analytics that’ll feed into a long-term asset investment plan that can underpin the company asset management plan. This pilot will also seek to demonstrate how analytics can balance investment across the water company areas, in a transparent manner, based on levels of service and cost.

It’ll also try and assess existing data for use in analytical projects, identify the requirements to support a community data analytics solution and gain experience in using a community data analytics approach.

This project has been developed due to the need for Victorian water corporations to drive innovation and has been brought about because there is an opportunity to provide excellent value for money to customers through the leveraging of data analytics in order to optimise asset investment. This will ensure that water corporations are targeting renewals, condition monitoring and preventative maintenance in order to maximise customer benefit.