Meet the Champion: South East Water's Ninad Dharmadhikari

South East Water have name Ninad Dharmadhikari as their new Champion, so we decided to ask him a few questions about his background and hopes for the role.

Can you give us a bit of your personal background?

I am a Mechanical Engineer with passion for innovation. I completed my Bachelors in India and decided to pursue my Master’s studies at RMIT University in Melbourne. By the time I completed my studies, I was enticed by Melbourne’s multicultural society (including its amazing food) and decided to stay. 

And what is your professional background?

I joined South East Water three years ago as an intern while studying in University. During my internship, I learnt heaps about how the water industry operates, particularly the sewer network side of things and was quite fascinated by it. After my internship, I got offered a part time role at South East water.

This time, I was a Project Engineer working within the Research & Development area, developing smart controls for the rain water to hot water system for Aquarevo project. My role has since then progressed into a full time Research & Development Engineer and I support & lead different product development projects within South East Water.

What inspired you to want to become an IWN Champion?

An opportunity to collaboratively develop innovative solutions to real life challenges that the Victorian water industry currently faces inspired me the most. Also, while you are at it, you get to make new industry connections.

What IWN program interests you the most?

The Energy Optimisation & Power Program interests me the most. The world is making progress every single day & with that the amount of wastes that are being generated are increasing. Optimising processes not only reduce the associated costs, but it also reduces carbon emissions by making them lest wasteful.

What are you hoping to get out of the Champions program?

I am hoping to contribute to the existing projects and bring some new projects into IWN. I am also hoping to hone my leadership, collaboration skills & develop some new industry connections.

And if anything, what do you want to give back to IWN?

I want to create awareness about IWN and its cause and one day, hopefully offer my mentorship to the next IWN champions.