Intelligent Water Networks share knowledge and learnings to a Chinese delegation

The Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) have hosted a Chinese delegation from Tianjin Municipal, who were eager to learn more about the organisation’s projects and programs.

A presentation was given by Program Director Brett Millington, which went into details surrounding IWN’s current programs – while Millington fielded questions at the end from the knowledge thirsty delegation.

While the networks were set up to enable and foster greater collaboration between Victorian water corps, this international link is an example of the shared challenges the world faces and proves the value of having an organisation such as IWN.

If knowledge, data and learnings from around the globe can be shared and accessed, it’ll enable more efficient decision making than ever before. And that is the ultimate goal of the IWN.

Talking about the session, Millington said: “It’s always great to explore the different ways of approaching services such as water and sewerage around the world and discuss the common problems we face.  Innovation comes in many forms, but typically starts with a problem to be solved.”