OSIsoft PI trial demonstrates ease of data availability

The objective of the OSIsoft PI trial was to give users easy access to the data they need to make data-driven day-to-day decisions.

 One of the fundamental objectives of the trial was to improve user access to business data.  This is often a time-consuming manual process involving consumers requesting specific data of system administrators or data experts because they either don’t have access or don’t have the knowledge of tag naming or the data structures of source systems.  In addition to the inefficiency of the manual process there is latency in accessing the data so the opportunity to use the information to make decisions in the moment has usually passed. 

The PI System provides both a single source of data access. It organises data from many sources into a single model and removes the complexity in finding data by providing a logical hierarchy that aligns with physical infrastructure or groups similar asset data together.  It also provides a simple web-based tool for users to create displays that are most meaningful to them and to the way they assimilate data.

The Big Data and Analytics solution demonstrated the collection of real time and other data into a single source of truth, intuitive data structures users can easily navigate to find the data they need,

Self-service data visualisation tools that empowered users to find the data they need and build live visual reports to support their day to day decision.

The flagship trial demonstrated that anyone can access the data they need to make decisions independently by providing a simple logical data structure that takes away the complexity of the underlying data sources and schemas. It does this by providing a user-friendly web-based tool which empowers users to build their own displays to see ‘live’ data anywhere and anytime.

Through simplifying access there will be less demand on data experts (who’s time can be redirected to more productive activity) and reduced time to gain information so that decision can be made sooner.

Data & Analytics Program Lead David Bergmann said: “being able to quickly find and understand the information you need, will increase operational efficiencies and lead to better decision making.”

For further information leave contact the D&A Program Lead: david.bergmann@sew.com.au.