OSIsoft PI trial proves huge benefits to customers

The objective of the OSIsoft PI trial was to demonstrate that IoT data (from digital meters) in online sources could be assimilated into the PI System and show that value could be added by analysing data and displaying it to consumers and creating alerts based on the data.

Digital meters were trialled during the flagship project using IoT devices connected with the Sigfox radio network. The meters measured water consumption and periodically sent a meter index back to the Sigfox repository.  Current access to this data is challenging and would be done via logging into a Sigfox cloud system and manually extracting the data for external use. This is another example of siloed data being difficult to access and extract value from, and this is an example of the type of challenge this trial was designed to overcome.

The PI System provides an extensible platform, allowing integrators to define their own tools to process data and interact with the PI System components.  In this GTS had developed a connector to the Sigfox back-end database because the data payload of each device needed to be decoding according to each manufacturer’s data model.

The flagship trial demonstrated a cloud-based interface to the Sigfox back end fetching and loading digital meter data into the PI System, analysis of the data to provide current meter read and other useful information. It Installed meter data and alerts displayed on a map, provided notifications based on meter data and was able to make data returned to the local PI Systems for access by local users.

The flagship trial demonstrated efficiency in managing and incorporating IoT data stored in external web-based systems and was able to leverage the digital meter data to provide useful services to customers (such as raising alerts on unusual usage patterns and avoiding bill shock by providing current consumption data). This is a huge benefit.

Data & Analytics Program Lead David Bergmann said: “our customer will value being notified quickly of any leaks or unusual usage – much better outcomes that our current quarterly meter reading and billing processes.”

 For further information contact the D&A Program Lead: david.bergmann@sew.com.au.