The Knowledge Sharing Hub aims to launch a new era of collaboration

The Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) have played a part in developing a brand new collaboration and knowledge sharing platform.

This bespoke portal, developed under the watchful eye of Yarra Valley Water’s Vincent Halloran, will allow Victorian Water industry staff to contact their peers and engage in open collaborative conversation about IWN projects and programs. The Knowledge Hub allows for media sharing in multiple forms such as video, photos, articles, press releases. This makes it the perfect tool for creating and sharing online content about IWN projects and programs.

Project lead Halloran said: “It’s been an interesting IT challenge for me, but really rewarding to build such a flexible and functional online tool for the IWN. I’m really looking forward to seeing it put to good use over the years to come. The key to the platforms success now will be how well people take this up and use it to upload and share IWN project content in the coming weeks.”

The IWN Knowledge Hub will be launched to the IWN Program Leads and Champions at the upcoming Champions workshop on 10th and 11th of October 2018. Following the workshop, it will be up to the program leads and project managers to upload existing content before the platform is launched to the wider Victorian Water Industry in the not too distant future.

One of the great things about the IWN Knowledge hub portal is its simplicity and user friendly experience. It’s designed to be intuitive with minimal instruction required. Once the portal is live, the IWN champions will communicate further detail on how to access the portal.

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