Explained: The architecture of the system and scope of the OSIsoft PI trial

The architecture of the Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) flagship solution by GTS and OSIsoft PI comprised on-premise PI systems at each participating water authority as well as a PI system in the cloud. 

The on-premise systems collected data from local sources, allowed day-to-day client access, tools and interfaces to local systems as well as providing an environment for developing unique site-specific solution components.

The on-premise PI systems published selected data to a cloud-based PI system. It then aggregated data from each participating water authority and provided consistent data modelling, analyses and reporting features as well as feeding calculation results back to the local systems for integration with on premise systems (e.g. creating service requests in local asset management systems).

The areas for improvement in day-to-day activities where data plays a key role were identified through workshops with key stakeholder participating water authorities. 

In particular five common areas of interest were identified and defined the scope of the PI Trial process, these included:

  • ESC reporting

  • Data accessibility

  • Asset performance

  • Water quality

  • Customer experience. 

These will be discussed in future posts.
For further information contact the D&A Program Lead - david.bergmann@sew.com.au.