2018 Champions Conference was a great success

The 2018 Champions Conference ended on Thursday 11th of October and proved to be a great success for all involved.

Over the course of Wednesday 10th, the Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) Champions were exposed to leadership at the edge by Mike Boyle and Cameron Geddes. Reflections on the Midnight Rambler’s heroic experience during the Sydney to Hobart race in 1999 formed the bones of the sessions, and the lessons learned from that will leave the Champions in good stead moving forward.

Guava Insights then ran the second day and focused the session around organisational anxiety and how that can be reduced in the workplace. With a focus on empowering leaders and decision-makers with clarity, foresight and certainty, the session ensured that Champions had something tangible to take back to their water corporations.

Positive feedback from current Champions was received, and the two days should equip them with further knowledge and skills to make a positive impact at IWN and their respected water corporations.