M - Files

IWN is about to move into a new era of document management, where your documents are stored and accessed according to what they are rather than where they are.

M-Files is a proven document management system that is easy to use and integrates with your existing software to make saving and finding information really efficient – allowing water businesses to share information about IWN projects and data.

The rollout of the system and associated training has started this month and plans and contact is being made with CIO's within the industry.

Features included in M-Files are:
• Easily search for IWN documents based on what they are – you don’t have to remember where you saved something, rather search for a topic and you will be able to find your documents as well as any other relevant documents stored in the library
• Version control – you can be confident that only the latest version of a document is being modified, no matter who is working on it
• Collaboration with your colleagues with the click of a mouse
• Access to your documents anywhere through the online portal