Welcome to the inaugural IWN newsletter.

Welcome to the inaugural IWN newsletter. It is with much pleasure that I launch this regular update to keep our members informed of IWN activities and progress on a regular basis.

IWN has recently been reinvigorated with a fresh approach to the delivery of our program by restructuring the way the Victorian Water Industry participates in IWN initiatives and programs. In particular the approach includes providing opportunity for enhancements and up-skilling of water corporation staff, with the ‘Champions’ role now having development and leadership potential.

The IWN member model is unique to Victoria and is widely recognised as leading industry collaboration to drive innovation for benefit to our customers and the environment. The role of the ‘Champion’ is seen as integral to developing innovative practices and new technologies for the benefit of the water industry.

I encourage you to read through the newsletter as there are a number of exciting initiatives currently underway which we hope you not only find interesting, but also a demonstration of our commitment to delivering results for the Victorian Water Industry and its customers.

I look forward to providing ongoing IWN program updates to in you in the future.

I’d also welcome your feedback on our newsletter or IWN.  Contact me at mike.walsh@iwn.org.au

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh