2019 NODP reflections: CHW project manager Russell Delahunty

As a participant in the 2019 Network Operator Development Program we were exposed to a wide variety of topics in the Network Operators Field. An introduction to the IWN and reoccurring updates part of the program.

At the highest level participants were introduced to the IWN scope and the work of the IWN champion within each organisation. The IWN component of the course was a highlight of the NODP as when working within operational areas it is not common to be exposed to the innovative research done by the IWN and water industry.

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Brett Millington departs his role as IWN program director

Intelligent Water Networks Program Director Brett Millington has departed his role as of Friday 11th October. Brett ran the organisation for 18 months and his fingerprints are all over a number of IWN’s biggest successes. After 20 years in the Victorian water industry, he will be returning to his roots in order to take up the CEO role with Mildura Regional Development, an organisation who will certainly benefit from his involvement. We wish him well in his latest adventure!

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Meet the Champion: Samar Patel from Goulburn Valley Water

Samar Patel will be joining the Intelligent Water Networks at the end of October as part of the new cohort of Champions. We asked him a few questions to get to know the engineer a bit better.

Can you give us a bit of your personal background?

My name is Samar, and I find these questions incredibly hard to answer. I immigrated to Australia from India, when I was offered a job here when I was just a student in University in India. I moved here (in WA) and loved the natural landscapes.

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Don’t forget to make time for our October Digital Metering Webinar

Don’t forget to tune in to our October Digital Metering Webinar that’s being run by Michael Thomas, program lead for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing.

Coliban Water’s Dr. Peter Pravos will give the third presentation in the series and he will talk about squeezing Value from Digital Water Metering.

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Data and Analytics OzWater '19 summary paper now available

Although it was initially focused around artificial intelligence, the workshop ended up taking a broader view than just AI and also considered data science more generally. The summary paper contains the raw outputs from the workshop tables in the appendix and also contains some discussion around game-changers and opportunities for your consideration.

The outputs form the IWN OzWater'19 Workshop were immense and detailed from a fantastically diverse group of over 100 participants from water utilities, councils, universities, consultants and vendors.

The summary document can be accessed via the Knowledge Hub. If you don't already have a log in, all you need is a Victorian water corporation email address and you can receive access to the Hub and all the documents and learnings within it for free.


2019 Champion reflections - Ninad Dharmadhikari

South East Water have participated in the Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) program with energy and enthusiasm for a number of years. SEW’s David Bergmann runs our Big Data and Analytics program expertly, while Ninad Dharmadhikari is highly involved in the organisation as SEW’s Champion.

Not only has the Frankston based corporation benefited from IWN’s programs, but they have given back in the form of their involvement with the expansion of the Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (MRWA) Product Web Portal.

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Western Water and IWN partner to deliver better services to customers

Western Water and The Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) are taking a leading role in advocating for technologies that deliver more efficient and responsive services to customers.

In a rapidly growing service region, Western Water is investing in IWN lead innovative solutions to work practices that save time and money and deliver social and environmental benefits.

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MRWA product portal update

After formally launching the MRWA product portal update on 16th May 19, South East Water held an information and training session with participating Water Agencies on 20th June 19. The session was attended by regional water authority administrators and the presented information was well received.

The MRWA Portal was initially a collaboration of South East Water, Yarra Valley Water and City West Water and as per the aims of the IWN’s Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing program, was about joint benefits to the participating water corporations.

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Meet the Champion: Fergal Rabette from Gippsland Water

New Champion Fergal Rabette from Gippsland Water is fairly new to the water industry but is keen to get going with IWN. Find out about the man by reading his profile below.

Can you give us a bit of your personal background?

I moved to Australia in 2001 and settled in Melbourne as I enjoyed its multicultural society, mild winters, warm summers, fishing, snow sports, outdoor activities and the Victorians ‘can do’ attitude towards innovation and problem solving. I met my wife Sarah in 2004 and moved to Traralgon in 2008 to start a family, we have two kids, Isla who is eight and Leo who is three.

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Executive Group member Charlie Littlefair picked out for 2019 honour

Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) Executive Group member Charlie Littlefair has been named 2019 Professional Engineer of the Year – Victoria.

Charlie was handed the award by Engineers Australia at their centenary celebration, which recognised his outstanding engineering achievements and the innovation and resourcefulness he shows in his work.

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Webinar and Workshop series kicks off with GWM

IWN Program Lead Michael Thomas (Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration) has initiated the Digital Metering ‘Webinar and Workshop’ series.

The series aims to share lessons learnt and strengthen networking across utilities and industry in regards to digital metering. Brendan Nitschke Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water (former IWN Champion) kicked-off the series with a dynamic and though-provoking session about GWM’s digital metering roll out.

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Meet the Program Lead: Brock Tunnicliffe from Edge Technologies

Brock Tunnifclife is the new Program Lead for the Intelligent Water Network’s Edge Technologies program, so we sent him a few questions in order to get to know what makes the man tick.

Can you give us a bit of your personal background?

From a young age I had a passion for technology and PC gaming and I would pull apart electronics and computers from repurposing whenever I could.

I joined City West Water in February 2010 and a month later I was married to my long-time partner Jacinta. In 2014 I had my first child, a son named Seth who was named after my online gaming name Setheus. In 2017 I had my second child, a daughter named Khaleesi (yes, after Game of Thrones!) I also have 2 dogs and 2 cats so my house is very full!

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AquaPea trail day announce

The Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) and Western Water are working together to trial some new innovative technology.

Western Water has purposely built an internal water main training facility that also has the ability to test and trial new technology.

A trial of the AquaPea will occur at Western Water’s Melton depot this Monday 22nd July at 10am. All learnings from the trial will be shared back within the water industry.

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PPPR to be presented at TAG Webinar on Thursday

Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) program lead Dean Barnett, Western Water and La Trobe University will be presenting the Pipe Probe Penetration Robot (PPPR) project at this Thursday’s TAG webinar at 11am AEST.

The PPPR is used for measuring corrosion and degradation within sewer mains far more reliably than conventional CCTV inspection. The extent of degradation within each pipe is measured via the amount of force the robot uses to probe it. This tool can minimize capital investment and service interruption by rehabilitating or replacing targeted sections of pipe.

This IWN project is designed to counter the problem of acidic hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) build up in concrete sewer mains, which softens concrete pipe walls and causes cracks and eventual collapse. The ability to accurately detect pipe deterioration early would minimise repair costs and service disruption.

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Melbourne Water invest in nutrient recovery

Melbourne Water have invested in a nutrient removal plant which will have a significant positive impact on the environment.

The Western Treatment Plant, where 50% of Melbourne’s sewage is treated, will be able to process an extra 140ML of treated water per day – which is the same as filling 56 Olympic sized swimming pools.

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South East Water lead the way in biosolids research

South East Water (SEW) are leading the way with their biosolids research project, in partnership with the Soil Cooperative Research Centre (SCRC) and Newcastle University.

Their project is in line with Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) values and has been trialling the injection of biosolids in liquid form to improve soil structure, fertility and function at their Longwarry Water Recycling Plant.

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MRWA Portal expanded to include nine additional water corporations

The Intelligent Water Networks (IWN) funded and South East Water managed Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (MRWA) Product Web Portal expansion is due to be launched on Thursday 16th May at 6pm.

The MRWA Portal is a collaboration of South East Water, Yarra Valley Water and City West Water and as per the aims of the IWN’s Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing program, has been about joint benefits to the participating water corporations.

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